Madison is one of our favorite places, filled with even more favorite places, and we're excited for first timers to explore it. Here are a few top recommendations, keeping in mind that dinner will be provided both Friday and Saturday nights. If you're looking for something specific or interested in staying longer, please reach out to us!

Madison is a super walkable, bikeable city. You can rent bikes at bikeshare docks throughout the city or get by on foot. If you'd prefer a car, the city has Uber, Lyft, and Metro Transit bus lines.

Madison Sourdough

Great pastries and coffee with a small courtyard perfect for chatting or reading.

Batch Bakehouse & Domestique

Batch has amazing breads and pastries, and Domestique next door offers strong cold brews, lattes, and more.

Lazy Jane's

Sit down for an omelet or pancakes at this laidback café.


The best sandwiches ever (huge!), with fun products around the store to browse as you wait.


A cozy cocktail bar in a former home.


This place has everything: plenty of beers on tap in the front room, a large food menu, a pool table, and outdoor seating.

The Harmony

A divey space with such good cheese curds.

Crystal Corner

Beloved local dive.

Table Wine

A wine shop/bar in a cute space with an excellent selection.

The Robin Room

Tons of cocktails in a dimly lit bar.

La Fête de Marquette

Our wedding weekend fortunately/unfortunately coincides with La Fête, an amazing (and free!) neighborhood festival featuring live music, food trucks, and activities. Swing through for lunch and a walk on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (and don't miss the Curd Girl food truck).

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Beautiful (and free!) botanical gardens that are perfect for a peaceful stroll.

Madison Children's Museum

Great for a morning or afternoon with kids.

Henry Vilas Zoo

Also great for a morning or afternoon with kids.

Parks throughout the city

Madison is sprinkled with little parks (and a few bigger ones). Take a walk, see what you see!

Yahara River

A narrow body of water connecting the two lakes that create the isthmus. On a nice day, you can take a seat on the banks of the Yahara and watch locals boat or paddleboard by all afternoon.

University of Wisconsin

Jed's alma mater is located within downtown Madison, and if you have time, we recommend taking a walk along its hills and historic buildings. It, like much of Madison, sits on the shore of lake Mendota, so you'll get a great view of the water as you stroll.

Good Style Shop

A favorite vintage store for us (conveniently right next door to the Robin Room).

A Room of One's Own

Independent bookstore for our fellow book lovers.