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Some things we love, in no particular order: each other (duh), our cats Rooney and Mabel, this Tweet, long road trips, audio book thrillers that sometimes go off the rails, great cocktails, planning vacations, sunset bike rides, cooking one of the few dishes we know how to make, antiques market treasures, our families and friends, making each other laugh, playing music, going to shows, going to movies, wandering museums at 1.5 speed, occasionally balling out on a fancy dinner, painting on the couch, hosting, reading before bed, pizza, a lazy weekend morning, the fries at Bar Sardine (RIP), the martini at Bemelman's Bar, the Impressionist Galleries at the Met, the miso soup at Rosella, the water bed at Joyface, the mansions in Ditmas Park, the olive miche at Saraghina Bakery, the bird in the window on Hunts Lane.